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Column Drilling Machine PK203

Column Drilling Machine PK203
Technical Data
Drilling capacity in steel St 60 25 mm
Drilling capacity in cast iron GG20 30 mm
Thred cutting capacity  
Steel St60 M 16
Cast iron 20 M 22
Spindle taper MK 3
Spindle stroke 160 mm
Transmission Gear box and belt drive
Electric motor – main drive  
- speeds 750/1500 rpm
- power 0,7/1,1 Kw
Number of spindel speeds 12
Spindel speed range 95-150-190-250-380-500-600-760-1000-1200-2000
Feed Automatic by mechanical clutch
Number of automatic feeds 3
Spindel feed range 0,1-0,16-0,32 mm/rev
Column diameter 120 mm
Distance from spindle centre to column face 285 mm
Distance between spindle and working table, min/max 100/730 mm
Table working surface 400x420 mm
Т-channels: number x width 3x14 mm
Tilting table plate ±90°
Distance between spindle and base 1 210 mm
Base working surface 440x425 mm
Т-channels:   number x width 2x14 mm
Machine weight  net 370 kg

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